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How Cruise Lines Get Free Employees

Cruise lines are a really clever business. They do a lot of things that no other businesses do.

They seem like Typical American Corporations, but they're actually not. In fact, they're not American at all. They're offshore and they register their boats offshore, to avoid taxes. Before you go shedding a tear for Uncle Sam, realize that they fuel a whole industry that DOES get taxed (cruise agents) and that passengers pay port fees for US ports.

I just had an interesting conversation with an employee here who told me that they receive no income other than tips. Don't jump to the conclusion that she's spinning a story to get a tip from me-- she's a waitress at a different table, so my tips don't go to her.


On The Perfect Koala

They draw closer by night

They dance insistently

They watch in you

They gaze at dread

No escape from stillness

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