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I Eat Raw Eggs!

EDIT: I have no idea why this post is so popular. People love to read about it and flip out because I said that I am "basically a vegan" even though I used to eat raw fish every couple weeks back when I was a raw foodist. A few things to make clear:

I love doing stuff that normal people don't do. Especially stuff that seems crazy but is actually really good for you. Let's add another one to the list - eating raw eggs!

Being a raw foodist, the only "meat" I eat is the occasional fish. That basically makes me a vegan. The biggest problem with being a vegan is that you naturally don't get enough B12.

The Most Important Rule of Fitness

On Travel 'n' Wellness

Supposed "experts" within the fitness realm are keen to dole out a plethora of suggestions on how to stay in shape. Typical advice ranges from ridiculous things like "run 30 minutes on a treadmill, 3 days a week" to even MORE ridiculous tips like "avoid all free weights or DIE a slow and painful death." While the advice is awful, the intent is promising: improve your health to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

But why is it important to improve your health?

Sure, it's a powerful ego boost to look good naked at home and impress the attractive girl at work (not at the same time, necessarily); and there's incontrovertible evidence concerning the myriad of health benefits that come from getting off the couch and losing weight. 

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