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The Low Down

Just wanted to a take a minute and talk about this blog.

The recent trend of people making a living off of their blogs had a lot of appeal to me. I do more interesting stuff than anyone I know - why not write about it? I also enjoy writing and sharing my stories with other people. I have a lot of theories, do a lot of crazy experiments, and take a lot of... calculated risks.

My primary source of income was a business I started six years ago that was very successful, but came to a screeching halt. In a way I was glad, though... I was sick of doing it. I'm working on a lot of projects, frantically trying to see what will catch on next. I'm hoping it's this blog.

Civil Disobedience

On The Weary Falcon

I talked to my parents today about my research plan. Being parents, they said no. But I want to do this so bad that I am going to be working on this "underground". Next up, contacting people who might be interested in investing. We shall see how this goes. The next few days I will be in Gainsville for the Gator Model UN conference. :)

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