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Color Guard

High school is nearing its final semester and I need a P.E. credit. Actually I need two P.E. credits. If you've ever taken the time to admire my physique, it may surprise you to hear that my high school career is lacking in the Physical Education department. Suspend your disbelief for a moment.

I sign up for bowling by correspondence. It sounds easy and I like bowing. One down, one to go.

"Just take color guard!"

Here's $47 worth of awesomeness from AngelList

On DROdio

The fine folks over at AngelList have agreed to allow me to give their materials away to select individuals, under the following conditions:

1) You agree not to distribute copies of these materials (AngelList is a free service, and what little revenue they make comes from selling these materials.  So please don't violate their trust)

2) You agree not to provide other people access to this page

3) You'll tell the world how awesome AngelList is.  (OK I made that third one up myself, so consider it my request of you)

If you have friends that want the materials, ask them to put a comment on my blog and ask for the materials in the comment, and I'll evaluate everyone individually.

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