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Neetu - Confused

you know what time it is....6pm. I had a 6 hour gap between naps. bad idea! i woke up all confused and totally disoriented. I would recommend sticking to the schedule as closely as possible. I have lost all concept of a schedule. I keep trying to fit in the naps when I have time. Anyways, manish had to come in and wake me up. I really want to get to the point where I am waking up on my own after hitting REM sleep every time. I heard my alarm, was totally confused, and didn't even step into reality when I was turning it off. I remember turning it off, but it felt like i was watching myself turn it off as i layed in my bed. very strange. Feeling great. Gonna go get some dinner.

The Best and Worst Things About Making My Own Schedule


If you've never worked for yourself, I'm not sure it's possible to imagine what it's really like.

You probably overestimate some parts of it and underestimate others. It's not quite the same as when you're vacationing and your only prerogative is relax and see sights. You have responsibilities that need to get done, but no one's going to tell you when or how to do them.

Today I wanted to talk about my favorite and least favorite parts of this equation.

My favorite part, by far, is that I get to control the amount of craziness in my environment.

If I want people and noise and craziness, I can go shopping on a Saturday or out to a bar on a Friday night. If I want quiet time, I can go out when places are empty.

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