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What Lasts

On Tynan

Classical music concerts are one of my favorite places to think. It sounds weird, but classical music provides just enough stimulation to keep me from becoming distracted, but not enough stimulation to impact my thinking processes. I love being able to drift from absorbing and enjoying the music to going deep in thought without really even noticing.

My violin teacher (who's great, by the way, in case you're in SF and want to learn Violin) brought me to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music last week and told me that they had free concerts by the students all the time. Perfect. Despite really enjoying the music, I'm way too ignorant to be able to tell the difference between a good student and a professional symphony player, so these shows are really a great opportunity.

On Monday I went to Matthew Linaman's (http://www.youtube.com/user/cellolinaman) cello recital at the conservatory. Have you ever noticed that people often won't take front row seats if they haven't paid for a ticket? I've noticed this at a lot of talks and smaller concerts like this. Anyway, the point is that I got to sit in the very middle of the front, and this was a small enough hall that this seat was the best seat. Most of the front row seats remained empty.

Beyond his playing (which was fantastic, by the way), I kept thinking about his Cello, Cellos in general, and stringed instruments in general. Cellos last. They get better. The craftsmanship on a good Cello, probably even an okay cello, is remarkable. I have a violin that my sister gave me, and I find myself marveling at the curves of the wood, the perfect symmetry, and the invisible joints holding it all together. It's amazing, really.

How you can predict your future

On Alan's Journey

Being spiritual is about being connected to the energy of the universe, and when you have this connection, you can 'see' the past and future. This is how many spiritualists can see the future. I used to be able to see the future too.

In my own journey through spirituality I was able to see people's past and future, but my experiences taught me that the future is never set in stone, that what's real for us today may change tomorrow when new information comes to us or new events occur.

Because the future can change, things that I saw happening to people in the future would either happen the same way I saw them, or a bit different to how I saw them, or not happen at all.

I experienced enough to learn that this connection with the universe is real, and that you can gain a great deal of insight from it. I also learned that our future is a multitude of possibilities, but if we can SEE it in our mind, then it's a future that's possible to us. If we hold on to that vision in our minds, then we can move forward while taking advantage of opportunities that bring us closer to that vision.

And before you know it, the future that you once imagined has become your present day reality.

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