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Two Books that are Kind of About Empathy

On Tynan

Today I'm going to talk about two weaknesses I have and two excellent books which address them. One book was recommended by my friend Brian Sharp during an awesome presentation he did at the Game Developers Conference (video coming soon, Brian?). It's called Difficult Conversations. The second is called the Time Paradox, which I got off my friend Derek's reading list (Derek provides notes for every book, which gives you a good idea of whether you'll like it or not).

Self Expression

Unless I've dated you in the past, you might be surprised to hear that I'm not very good at expressing myself. The irony, of course, is that blogs are about self expression, and the authors that make themselves most vulnerable often have the most success. But if you look at my past articles, I very rarely talk about my feelings. I'm transparent about who I am, what I do, what I've done, where I go, what I think, etc., but how I feel is notably absent.

How you can predict your future

On Alan's Journey

Being spiritual is about being connected to the energy of the universe, and when you have this connection, you can 'see' the past and future. This is how many spiritualists can see the future. I used to be able to see the future too.

In my own journey through spirituality I was able to see people's past and future, but my experiences taught me that the future is never set in stone, that what's real for us today may change tomorrow when new information comes to us or new events occur.

Because the future can change, things that I saw happening to people in the future would either happen the same way I saw them, or a bit different to how I saw them, or not happen at all.

I experienced enough to learn that this connection with the universe is real, and that you can gain a great deal of insight from it. I also learned that our future is a multitude of possibilities, but if we can SEE it in our mind, then it's a future that's possible to us. If we hold on to that vision in our minds, then we can move forward while taking advantage of opportunities that bring us closer to that vision.

And before you know it, the future that you once imagined has become your present day reality.

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