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The Order In Which I'd Tackle Life

Just as there are a million ways to drive from Los Angeles to New York, there are a million ways to get from where you are now in life to where you want to be. But, like the road trip, some ways are better than others. As I've tackled different problems in my life and watched others do the same, I've stumbled upon a sequence for progress through life that seems optimal to me.

Following is the sequence, with notes and thoughts on each step.

Eliminating Vice

Journey of Alan's mind....Chapter one

On The Melted Ladybug

As time goes on, we gain and lose. We lose time, gain experience. We lose physical pow- ers, yet gain mental ones. For some this is a gradual process, for others it is accelerated. If we choose to focus on the past, we can be stuck in despair and hopelessness. If we focus on the future, we become afraid of what it will hold. Now, if we choose to focus on the present, another problem arises. “What do we do?” In order to do this, we must look to the future to see what tasks we must complete. We must also look to the past to make sure we are not making poor decisions. So, essentially no matter how you look, whether past, present, or future, you are screwed. But is that necessarily a bad thing? If we look to the past, we try to fix our mistakes. If we look to the future, we can set goals for ourselves. From this new perspective we can see that all is not lost. One of my greatest philosophies has been “Never give up. Never surrender.” When times get tough, I have used this phrase to help to have hope. Hope is, in my mind at least, both a physical and mental object. Mentally, it is a mindset. Physically, she is a symbol. When I see dementors, she comes to protect me. She is the light fighting the dark. While some think that giving into your hallucinations is a bad thing, I feel like it is helpful and actually theraputic to do so. I understand the other side’s viewpoint that giving into your hallu- cinations causes you to further your distance from reality. I do acknowledge that this has happened to me. However, you also get to peer into your mind in ways that few can. Some people fear blood, but if you saw blood everywhere, you might, just might, be able to come to terms with it. I am not saying that you will no longer be afraid of blood. Rather, you will be able to acknowledge that fear as part of who you are.

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