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One Year

Just over a year ago I was in this same place. It's a short and touristy row of shops leading up to a temple in Asakusa, Japan. Last time I was here it was my first time in Japan, which meant that I was so enthralled with being there that I didn't realize what a tourist trap it was.

Now I'm here again and I see the place in a different light. I've lived in Japan for almost two months now as part of my year long trip around the world.

As I look up at the paper lanterns dangling above the street I have a thought.

How to Think

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The best thing I've ever done is learned how to think. It allows me to catch myself at times when my brain automatically goes to a conclusion. In argument, I always have a backdrop of reasons for when I decide on a stance.

I have more control over myself and the rest of the world, just by using my brain. It's basically the ultimate superpower.

Thinking can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. So, what are we talking about when we talk about thinking?

We're talking about thinking:

This will be used against yourself in decision-making, and if you wish, against others in argument or even simple communication. It will give you complete dominion over yourself and, if you wish, others.

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