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How To Do Everything Right

I actually found this on boingboing.net. I shouldn't even post their name since they're one of the few big aggregating sites that has never run one of my articles. But hey, when they've got a good article, they've got a good article.

They posted This MP3 about how to always do the right thing. It's brilliant. I've actually been wanting to write a post to that effect, but the speaker, Dan Gilbert, did a much better job than I would have.

The essence of the speech is that EV is king. EV is expected value, a term used commonly in the gambling world. I would explain what it is, but if you listen to the lecture you will have a better understanding and then I won't have to type as much.

Why I Don't Let Women Pay Me For Sex

On The Best of Sett

Your stomach grumbles.

You and your tribe on the African savannah have struggled to find food for days. The men have helplessly chased wild deer and the women have scoured for nuts and berries. You’ve got nothing to show for it but sore legs and tired eyes. Everyone is miserable. Everyone, that is, except for Steve.

While the rest of the tribe worked, Steve lazily lounged around. Sure, he pretended to be hunting here and there, but as soon as the leaders would stop watching him, he’d go back to sweeping for mines or playing solitaire.

The result? As the rest of the tribe withered and died, starved for calories, Steve managed to hang on long enough to leech on to a neighboring tribe passing by. He met a beautiful cavewoman and spawned piles of cavebabies.

Luckily, we’ve come a long way from Steve’s world. A successful life today consists of so much more than survival: doing interesting things, having the freedom to explore, making an impact on the world. In fact, a modern Steve would have no problem signing up for welfare and lazily surviving to a ripe old age.

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