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I Am My Own Biggest Fan

OK, it's confession time. I am a HUGE narcissist. I mean, obviously I think I'm the greatest, better than your boyfriend, etc. But at least that is all true beyond any doubt.

What I'm talking about today is different. I am my biggest fan. If I make a new song, I will listen to it for at least 24 hours on repeat. Often times I listen on my computer, then play it in the bathroom while I take a shower. When I'm in front of the mirror I lip sync and dance to my own music, imagining that I am performing it. Then after my shower I listen to it in the car while I drive.

Is this normal? Or at least healthy?


On The Jittery Bee

Happened to know that according to you, actually I did not make any contributions in your life throughout the years of friendship. Well in this case how do you define by contributions? You felt that you were a loner in this friendship as you were always the one who takes some time off your busy schedule to ask how I am doing in my life. I would just only reply to whatever you asked.

Seriously, the way people maintain their friendship varies from people to people. Yes, is true that our perceptions on how to maintain a friendship is different. How are you so sure that your other friends have the same kind of perceptions as yours? Are you just forcing others to adapt your beliefs? You may compare me with her but our commitments are different. Therefore, no point for the comparison.

I always have this belief in me is that in a true friendship, people will not mind who is the one putting in more initiatives. As we move on in our life, we are occupied with more and more things.Thus, sometimes we spend lesser time on communicating with our friends. Yet, the friendship will continue to bloom. The quantity of sending messages to check on how our friends are doing and meeting up is not as important as the quality of the time spend together.Time spend may be short, but as long as it is meaningful, there should not be any regrets.

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