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What Am I Doing That's Hard?

It's funny, this natural inclination we have for things to be easy. Everyone wants to work really hard, not for its own sake, but only so that they can stop working hard and go live on a beach. They're willing to suffer through the ordeal of dating to find that perfect soulmate so that they can coast for the rest of their lives. I used to think like this, too, but over time have developed a new way of looking at things. Now I want to do hard things only so that I can do even harder things later. I don't want it easy.

At least once a day I marvel at how I got to be alive. I look at the dashboard of my motorcycle and the stripes lining the road, and I think, "how totally insane is it that I get to see these things right now, that I get to be on a motorcycle and operate it and live in a place where someone has striped the road for my safety?" Seriously, tiny little things like that are huge. It is ridiculous that I'm alive and that life is as incredible as it is. I mean, we could all be amoebas. There's more of them than there are of us.

So I think about how amazing it is to be alive, and I think, why does everyone want to skim that experience? We're all so capable, born with the ability to dig deep within ourselves and use everything we've been given. We can understand things no other creatures can understand. We can build things no other creatures can build, and can positively change the course of our entire race. That's an awesome amount of responsibility and potential. How can I choose to leave that on the table?

Would I have more seratonin in my brain if I made things easy on myself? Probably. I have a lot up there now, but if I kicked back and lived off my book sales forever on a beach in Thailand, I bet my brain would be loaded with those happiness chemicals, even more than it is now. Does that matter, though? Is more happy brain chemicals really the best that society can get from me? Man, I hope not.

Testing out Sett, but not finding it as intuitive as advertised.

On Courtney T Ball

I'd like to do things like change my profile picture, but I can't figure out where to do that. Also, when I try to add a background image, it doesn't automatically resize. I'm very interested in the audience/community-building potential of this platform, but so far things seem fairly buggy to me.

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