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The Books are Here

If you ordered a book, it will be shipped tomorrow morning. If you didn't order one, then you can buy them on Amazon now. Thanks a lot to everyone who ordered,I hope you enjoy your book!

Here's a picture I took before packaging them up (and spending forever signing them and writing on the envelopes).

In case you didn't see it on my twitter, I also did an interview with Alex Shalman that you might be interested in listening to.

On bentley.

The scrutiny the Press is under is fair enough. Criminals need to be investigated and held to account, whatever business they’re in. But the timing of an inquiry being held before the criminal cases which sparked it, the investigations which are being dragged out over years, is leading to what can only be called a story crunch - just like an economic recession, only with a lack of public information.

fleet street fox: Good news for some.

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