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Todd and I hang out a lot, which breeds a sort of familiarity that leads to every phrase being shortened as much as possible. For example, if one's laptop batteries were very low, the word "critbatts" might be invoked. So when we found ourselves standing outside of the VIP area of the X Games in LA, and Todd said, "Dude, let's just smash it", I knew exactly what he was talking about: the Gaijin Smash.

The Gaijin Smash is a term used to describe a certain way of operating as a foreigner in Japan. The Japanese are extremely polite and sometimes nervous around foreigners (Gaijin), so as a foreigner you tend to get your way. I think the phrase came about from some guy smashing his way through the subway barriers without paying, and not being stopped. Todd and I mostly used it to ride our hilarious fold-up bikes like maniacs.

Anyway, back to the X-Games. Thanks to my brother and his good friend Chase Hawk, Todd and I had passes to this year's event in LA. But our passes were weird: they were only meant to give us access to the skate park section of the course, because Chase was only riding the park. But we also had friends competing in the street course, so we found ourselves standing outside the entrance to the VIP area of the street course, wanting to watch them.

If I Made That Much, I’d Quit!

On Kevin Espiritu

You hear this said in passing comments made between friends.  You say this to yourself in the comfort of your own mind.  You look at people around you who are “more successful” and seem to have already reached levels where you dream to be at one day.  Then you think:

Man, a friend of mine has a business that’s making $20,000/month!  How awesome is that?  If I ever got to that level I’d just retire and focus on X…

As soon as you start to think and believe this, you have already lost.  I say lost, not failed, because failure is a great thing – provided you learn from it.  When you lose, you have shut off that dream from ever being realized.

Whatever you would turn to once you “reached your goals” monetarily is what you need to turn to right now.  Turn X into $20,000/month business, but realize that in the end, in a truly inspired person, the money is a byproduct of the drive and desire to create.

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