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The Books are Here

If you ordered a book, it will be shipped tomorrow morning. If you didn't order one, then you can buy them on Amazon now. Thanks a lot to everyone who ordered,I hope you enjoy your book!

Here's a picture I took before packaging them up (and spending forever signing them and writing on the envelopes).

In case you didn't see it on my twitter, I also did an interview with Alex Shalman that you might be interested in listening to.


On Journal of a Confused Mind

I used to write them back when I was a kid. Really good ones too, I look back at them and go "wow, I was THAT deep when I was 13??". I used to write poems because they would just spontaneously pop up in my head, I'd hear the first line and then I'd just want to write it down to see how it ended. But I don't hear poems in my head anymore. Where did they go?

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