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The Action Threshold

Fundamentally, I think life is about taking action. It's about drawing information from your surroundings, formulating that into a decision, and then finally acting on that decision. People who are successful and happy tend to be those who take a lot of action.

My beef with video games, TV, movies, and other sorts of passive entertainment isn't that there's NO value in them, or that they're fundamentally evil things. It's that they promote NOT taking action. When I see someone whose life is made up mostly of going to a mindless job and then coming home and indulging in passive entertainment, I think of their life as being on pause. Days spent that way just don't count. 

A lot of what I think about is what makes people take action and what makes people abstain from taking action. I think about times that I've taken action, and times that I haven't, I think about others around me and their relationship with taking action, and I think about how we can all take action more frequently.

Being productive.

On Live a teen's life!

As a busy student with almost no free time, there are two kinds of tasks:

The ones you like to do and the ones you hate to do.

Now, there's one thing that makes you struggle. It's evil, it's unrelenting, it's unforgiving. Created by the infinite and allegedly impeccable human mind to "structure and ease life". This execration is called


Let's talk about the tasks you want to do. There are - again - different kinds:

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