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Almost Impossible to Fail

When beginning some new undertaking, I ask myself: what would I have to do for it to be nearly impossible to fail. Certainty of success is an illusion, but by for any given goal it's possible to come up with some process that would nearly guarantee success.

For example: when starting SETT, I asked myself this question. I thought that there were lots of ways that blogging could be improved, but decided that if we could build something that got people more comments and more subscribers, we would be successful. Further, I figured that although I'm not the best programmer in the world, if I just worked every single day as hard as I could, I could eventually build something that would get results like that.

Sure enough, two years of hard work later, we have built a blogging platform that demonstrably gets people more subcribers and more comments. Whether we'll be ultimately successful or not is still in the air, but things are looking good and we continue to work very hard.

What would it take to make weight loss nearly impossible to fail at? Remove all unhealthy foods from your house, commit to only eating at home, plan every meal in advance, and make sure that you have a caloric deficit made up of only high quality foods. If you follow that protocol, it is impossible not to lose weight.

My Assault on Art - Part Four

On How Long Does It Take To Learn How to Draw?

Greetings readers and welcome to my personal attack on the human eye as I endeavourer to draw the same picture again and again until I somehow magically learn the art of, well, art!

For years I have been fascinated by people who can replicate the human face with nothing more than a pencil, and tired of dreaming that I too could work this sort of magic I am stepping out of the dream and forcing myself to copy the same picture of myself again and again until I get it right.

And I did say force!

My problem is that it doesn't take long for me to realize that I'm not very good at something and the feeling of giving up comes for a visit. But this time I've told old Mr Quitter to get lost, because I am locked into finding out if an ordinary person like me with few artistic capabilities can actually learn how to do this!

And so for my third attempt this is how I did:

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