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Learning a language on your own - self-study textbooks/methods

A lot of you who have been following Tynan for a while probably understand by now that Tynan loves traveling and he's also learning Japanese these days. I'm sure a lot of Tynan's readers share a common passion for travel, and I'm sure a lot of you are either studying or planning to study a foreign language.

Spending Time In Your Craft vs Around It

On Cameron Chardukian

I’m a very analytical guy, and if you enjoy reading my blog you probably are as well. I examine the most minuscule details of everything that’s important to me. This is good because I’m constantly “Sharpening the saw,” and becoming more intelligent with how I approach life.

It also allows me the luxury of having essentially infinite ideas for blog content. However, this strange neurotic tendency also has a downside. Sometimes I spend more time researching my approach to something than actually doing it. I’ve gotten much better with this over the last few years, but I’m not perfect, and it’s still something I have to consciously monitor to prevent it from creeping back into my life.

What’s important to realize it you don’t become a master at something by learning how to learn about it. You can’t improve your social skills just by watching pickup videos. You can’t become a stronger version of yourself just by reading my blog. You don’t learn a language by learning how to learn a language. When it comes down to it, you’ve gotta teach yourself.

This is scary. I know. It’s easy to defer responsibility to others for your learning. But it’s also highly ineffective. People can learn, but they can’t be taught. If you’re not ready for the information I’m presenting you it’ll be impossible for you to retain it.

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