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There are about a billion and one opinions on which workout program is the best. Should you run? Should you lift weights? Should you swing your legs gaily on a Richard Simmons' Gazelle?

There's one answer that will work for pretty much everyone: Crossfit.

Crossfit is designed to be a total workout system. It addresses the 10 areas of fitness (strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, cardiovascular health, balance, and four more that I've forgotten). The end result? You get in such good shape that you can tackle any sport or activity, from basketball to mountain climbing.

JLPT N2 Study Log - #1

On Mint Poodle

I'm using 日本語能力試験【完全攻略】N2 to practice the kind of exercises that might come up in the exam. I'll review it in a separate post, but one thing I can say is that I wish it had more exercises overall.

Today I practiced the listening section, 聴解. The books explains what we are asked for in each type of question and presents techniques to better answer, however, there are only nine exercises in this section. I was happy I answered correctly to them all, but I got the impression they might speak too slowly? It might be the fact that I am used to listening to dramas where there is background noise and everyone speaks faster. Either way, I still have the mock exams at the end of the book to check myself again! I always get suspicious when I find things to be easy...

I'll practice a different section tomorrow!

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