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SETT's First Non-Tynan Blogger

Time for a SETT update. Let's eat our dessert first and start with the big news-- my good friend and really sharp tech entrerpreneur, Daniel Odio, is officially the first person to switch to SETT. He's been incredibly supportive and helpful ever since we began working on SETT, so it made sense to have him be the first to use it.

Eventually we'll open SETT up and everyone will be able to use it, but I wanted to hand pick the first few bloggers to make sure that I had people whose blogs I'd be happy to promote. DanielOdio.com is one of those blogs.

Daniel is one of really very few people I'd call a champion. I have no exact definition for the word, but it's basically a cross between being a total hustler who's always getting stuff done, and being an awesome person. Daniel is one of the most resourceful and industrious people I've met, as well as being one of the kindest and most proactively friends people I've known.

If you're into startup stuff, you'll absolutely love his blog, but even if you're not, you'll find a bunch of stuff there relating to how to lead a good life, particularly in terms of going out crushing your goals.He has a ton of posts, but I can't help but send you to one particular one first. It's more of a video than a blog post, but check out how he hacked the Vegas taxi line -- that's pretty much Daniel in a nutshell.

21 Blog Directories You Can Use to Build Backlinks

On Zach Browne

Blog directories are great for both the reader and the owner. Readers can seek out new blogs in an efficient manner. Owners can use the directories to promote their blog and build links back to their blog, or backlinks. There are a ton of different reasons why blog authors should use blog directories. The two most common are to create traffic and build on topic links back to their own blog. Blog directories can help a bunch with both reasons.

By understanding the differences and what kinds of blog directories area available, you can get a better understanding of how to promote your blog and contribute your hard earned content to the web.

One of the best things to gain by using blog directories is one way links back to your blog. It also aids in getting your site indexed by Google and other search engines faster, sometimes this is a difficult thing to have to deal with. However, even if you just submit to a few free directories, even of limited quality, it will help you get indexed faster and build a few starter backlinks. If you want to speed up the process and make it happen, just pay for a few of the better directories and it will basically ensure indexing and some good links to get your site off the ground.

In addition to helping with SEO and indexing, submission to the blog directories can help you with your overall site traffic. Some of the more popular niche directories have a much better chance of bringing in quality traffic than the free directories. Free directories list thousands of low-quality sites (most of the time), and the majority of surfers won't spend the time to go through all those links to get to yours while the quality directories usually have a clear and concise way of navigating and searching and will yield much better opportunities for traffic.

Here are a few ideas for submitting your blog the'right way' to the blog directories:

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