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My Daily Meals

A few people asked what I eat every day. I think that what I eat is of minor interest, but maybe the reasoning behind it might be more valuable.

First the what. My friend Dick Talens suggested that I do intermittent fasting, which means that I eat during only an eight hour period each day. There's some compelling evidence that this is good for longevity, but not enough that I can say for sure that it's true. I was attracted to the diet because it meant that I could spend less time eating each day.

When I first wake up, I drink green tea. My staple is Green Ecstasy from Samovar, but sometimes I have something else just to mix it up.

The beginning of my eating period is two pm. I make three open face sandwiches consisting of the following: one piece of ezekiel seed bread, hazelnut almond butter, a small handful of walnuts, one third of a banana, and a lot of chia seeds. Sometimes I have some nice organic berries to put on top.

Is Soy Healthy or Dangerous?

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Have you ever wondered how soy came to be so popular in recent years? From veggie-burgers to soy ice cream, soy lattes, and even soy infant formulas, the sale of soy products boomed in less than 20 years, especially after it re-positioned itself as “heart healthy” when the FDA approved a health claim in 1999 linking soy with a reduction in heart disease.

Ok, nice facts. So what does this have to do with you personally? Well, everything. Virtually all food-products (i.e. anything with a list of ingredients) contain soy by-products that you’re most likely consuming unknowingly. Although that may not seem like a big deal, the fact of the matter is that the type of soy being used in food products is NOT a health food and the quantity in which soy is being consumed today is an even bigger concern.

Fermented soybeans have been a long standing tradition in East Asian cuisines and their people are known to have lower rates of heart disease and certain cancers than anywhere else in the world.

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