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Exciting News

Ok, so I changed my theme again. I kept that last one for a LONG time, but I got a little restless. I'm sad to say goodbye to the awesome cartoon that Kristen drew me, but I had to get this gangsta picture of me up here. I couldn't resist.

I know that there are a few minor issues with the theme (like the fact that I haven't tagged / assigned a category to any of my posts for the past year or so). I'll probably go back and fix that and make it look pretty for you.

The REAL exciting news is that I'm going to be writing features for Gadling.com. Gadling is a travel blog, and I think it's the most popular one on the net. I'll be writing a story every week for them. It's a cool site, so definitely check it out... my favorite posts are the ones by the pilot guy. Very interesting to see behind the scenes there.

My Ultimate European Dream

On Shout Out

If I could be given a second life on earth, I would choose live somewhere in Europe. Living somewhere in Europe like France, Italy, Paris, and Austria, among others, would be a real pleasure for me.

Isn't it wonderful to travel in express trains while getting the chance to see every beautiful scene around Europe? I also wish to stare at the starry sky at night in Salzburg, Austria. The Buckingham palace in London and the Eiffel tower in Paris are such fantastic places to visit.

Though I cannot have a second life to be a European citizen, I can at least visit the place someday. Someday, I'll get the chance to travel in Europe with my family and some close friends. That is my ultimate dream.

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