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Significant Days

I got back from Boston on the 28th of December, giving me 10 days in Austin before Todd and I leave on the world trip.

Every day counts now.

I've been spending TONS of time with my friends. I've been slaughtering my backlog of important but not urgent todo items. I'm not wasting a minute. I'm hugging people. I'm making sure that I put aside time for everyone and everything I want to do.

But, do you identify with it?


Nervousness, fear, panic, low morale, low mood, low energy -- all natural things that happen from time to time.

If you go spend an immense amount of time walking and your feet feel sore, you say, "My feet feel sore right now."

But lots of times, when someone feels nervous or scared, they say, "I'm a nervous person. I'm a fearful person."

But that's not necessarily true. You don't have to identify with a given mood. Just like sore feet, worries come and go. "I feel somewhat worried at the moment" saps most of the power from it. Identifying with the negative emotion makes it stronger; noting that it's just there and fleeting makes it grow much weaker.

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