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How am I doing on my Goals?

So back in January, I wrote out my 7 goals for the year. It's been two months, so let's see how I'm doing :

1. Become FULLY polyphasic

I'm close on this one. Many days I go perfectly, sometimes if I have nothing to do I oversleep and then skip some naps during the day. I'm actually pretty satisfied with that, as I'm only sleeping 2.5-4.5 hours per night, I'm never tired, and can always count on being awake early and staying up late. I'll keep pressing to be more consistent, but I'm satisfied with where I am.

The 50 dollar bet to keep writing

On The lonely PhD writer

What will you do if during a peaceful walk a deep abyss apeared in front of you, which forced you to jump in order to go on? Most probably you will surely go back and look for another way to cross. But, if a tiger were running after you? I'm sure you would jump for your life without hestitation! According to Neil Fiore in his excellent book The Now Habit, the abyss is the goal the procrastinator fears and the tiger is the deadline that forces him to finally do what he's been avoiding.

Well, I'm a procrastinator, my abyss is my PhD and because I have absolutely no tiger behind me I've been dragging this huge burden for seven years! Meanwhile I've done lots of other things, which I call "positive procrastination", such as getting in shape and getting a B2 level of German. But no, I want to get out of here, I want to jump once and for all, and I need a tiger! (because my tutor doesn't give a f...!)

I'm still thinking about how to make this happen. A real tiger will be scary, so I want to make a bet, Maneesh Sethi style. As you might now think, I'm again procrastinating, because while I write this I should be working on my PhD. So, as I'm starting to feel guilty, I'll keep it simple by posting a single challenge:

I will finish writing the second chapter by Sunday

if I don't:

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