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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Instead of stumbling into bed I stumbled across this video clip of Project Hollywood, where I used to live. He points out my room (for those of you who don't know, I'm "Herbal") in the video so you can see where I used to live and where a lot of my adventures took place.

I get sentimental seeing pictures of the house, and even more so seeing the video. Despite all the drama, life was really good there and I feel so lucky to be in it. In case you can't tell, Style (Neil Strauss) is being interviewed, and he's the one who wrote The Game.

You Are What You Do

On Notable Nothings

You are judged on your ability to build by the stability of the house you build, your ability to farm by your comparable harvest, your ability to cook by the taste of your food but for some reason we don't judge a person by their acts. That's why we live in the world we live in today, there is no accountability.

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