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Two Weeks is Up

During the past two weeks I've waffled back and forth on whether or not to continue to posting daily. Half the time I think it's a great idea, and the other half I'm checking the calendar to see how many more days of this bedtime-extending hell I have left.

Some pros and cons for the writing every day thing:


The Secret To Resisting Food Cravings

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Dieting can be both a triumphant and traumatizing experience, depending on the dieter. But for the most part, with proper instruction, most dieters are able to practice their diet and at the end of it, see remarkable improvement.

Dieting is never easy, especially when your dietician requires you to eat only particular foods that will aid you in becoming more fit. More often than not, the diets can be a bit strict, such as the slow carb diet. This diet requires you to eat lean protein, vegetables and fruits but avoid anything with carbohydrates. This is not easy, as a large percentage of our diet is mainly made up of carbohydrates.

What would you do if you were following the slow carb diet diligently, but was suffering from very strong food cravings? How would you handle a situation where you find yourself being constantly bombarded with rich starchy foods? There is one way of curbing your cravings, while still maintaining the diet. It involves the use of a cheat day. A cheat day is basically a day you set aside weekly, or biweekly, to gorge on the foods you have been craving.

You simply cannot wake up and decide to have a cheat day. It is important that you plan well, and inform your dietician or your physical fitness instructor of the decision you are making. In as much as cheat days are meant to help you overcome your food cravings, it does not mean that the cravings will stop coming all together. It can also be a bit frustrating to have to put off your cravings till another day. However, there is a way to overcome all of that. Instead of anxiously anticipating the cheat day, you should be journalling exactly which food cravings you are having and which foods you are wanting the most.

Your cheat day log really helps because specifically writing down what you want to most allows you to take it form your mind and 'log' it to be dealt with another day ..... your cheat day.

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