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A Lucid Dream

I had my first lucid dream since beginning this thing.

I had woken up naturally after about 15 minutes of sleep, and as I was drifting back into dreamland, I realized that I was sleeping right as I started to dream. I thought "wow... let's try out this lucid dream stuff" and leapt off some stairs. I hit the pavement and it felt like real pain, although it didn't last. Then I figured that I needed to think about flying, and as soon as I did, I could feel myself being yanked way into the air.

It was a strange experience. I could barely see what was happening in the dream... everything was really fuzzy. But I could feel it as if it was actually happening. I woke up after just a minute or so.

I'm kinda becoming a coach now I think

On Journal of a Confused Mind

On one of the communities I spend my time on, someone said that she never feel emotionally attached to anyone, especially guys. That people think that she is cold. I related so much to that. That is everything I've been fighting so hard to get away from. I don't want to be cold, I want to be authentic and alive. I want to make emotional connections to people, not rational or logical connections..

So I told here I'd love it if she would talk to me and let me share what I have learnt with her to help her, the way I've been helped along the way. She said yes, and we've spoken a bit more since then.

It feels really good for me to know that I can make a difference for someone else, and I can also feel myself growing so much, as I'm thinking of not what I want to say, but what she needs to hear to grow.

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