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Where The Bar is Set

On Tynan

I have a rule for myself that I have to shut my computer off at midnight every day. I allow myself to stay up until three, which means that after cleaning the RV and scratching a bit on the violin, I have two hours and change to read. So I read a lot of books. Usually I read non-fiction, but after a spell of three or four books about the brain, I wanted to read some fiction. With no particular title in mind, I went to Amazon and bought a book that was then the #1 editor's choice and a NY Times Bestseller. With both awards, it must be pretty good, I thought.

The idea for the book was interesting, but the actual plot was poorly constructed. The foreshadowing was so obvious that I couldn't help but hope that it was a red herring and that the actual twist at the end would be something more interesting. It wasn't. Worse, the author made so many amateur writing mistakes that I actually found it hard to read (things like using a lot of adverbs and using difficult words that aren't more descriptive than the simple ones they replace). 

It was a disaster of a book, yet it was successful and fairly well liked. I thought about how that could be possible and came to the conclusion that the bar for writing a good book probably isn't set as high as I would assume. And, under scrutiny, that actually makes sense.

When You Promise Perfection, Prepare For The Fall

On Huan M. Nguyen

The following paragraph was also added to the Disclosures & Info page, and put here for clarity.

Update September 14, 2013: Any posts with morals, lessons, or other instruction-like writing can be read with the assumption that I've personally experienced the events being written about. Any and all speculation will be noted in advance.


It's about standards, specifically the ones you hold yourself to.

When you hold yourself to high standards, you abide by them right? And when you abide by those standards, it will show in your actions, in your words and behaviors. People will come to expect that of you.

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