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Gizmodo Lenovo Contest Entry

Hey guys... sorry about the lack of updates for a couple days. Believe it or not, I'm working on a cool little project that I want to write about. Honest. That's my excuse.

Anyway, a few days ago I saw a contest at gizmodo with a pretty sweet prize - a Lenovo (IBM) Thinkpad worth $1500. The task? Make a 60 second film noir movie.

I've never actually made a short or anything before. In fact, I'd never really edited video. But what's a better way of learning than jumping in head first? Besides, with the polyphasic thing going, I have time to enter every contest I see (by the way - no oversleeping or tiredness for the past 3 days!).

30 Day Nerd challenge #5

On AwkwardAardvarks

Day 5 - Most hated sci-fi film

Ha! NO. I cannot and will not pick a most hated Scifi film!! Mainly because I dont have one... I mean... if I hate something, Im not gonna waste my time... and really the only time i hate a film is if its like honey boo boo or whatever stupid junk that is lol.

So I dont have a least favorite but Id love to hear about yours and why you hate it!!

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