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My Dilemma

The one problem I have with this site is that the more it grows, the less I can write. My life is essentially an open book, but I try to respect the privacy of my friends. If one friend does something funny but slightly embarassing, I don't write about it. But it's not just my friends. My sister reads the site, so I don't want to write about my dating life. The family of some friends read the site, so I don't want to write about certain adventures that they don't want their parents to know about. Further, if I write certain things, I worry that people will think that they're intentional manpulations. I was working out the terms of my employment with a friend who I'm going to be working with soon. I didn't write anything about it because I didn't want him to think that I was trying to use the site as some passive aggressive method of negotiating.

All in all, I probably only write about 25% of what I'd like to write here. My friends in real life end up hearing way more funny stories than readers of this site - and I think that's a shame.

In a way I think I should just write EVERYTHING. The first month could be a rough ride, but eventually people would get used to it and would probably stop being offended. Or maybe then my real life friends would become more reserved because they'd be concerned about what I might write.

Finding my own voice

On Carrie's journal

I've read a lot of articles about the importance of writing to express yourself. And yes, I totally agree, but I couldn't realize what was the problem with me. Until I found out.

I wasn't writing at all. I was just reading ABOUT writing.

So, I figured out that sooner or later I had to stop fantasizing about it and just put my ass on the chair and start typing.

It's funny how words have the power to hurt. They can destroy somebody's expectations, until they've got none. But they have the power to heal, too.

This is why we have to speak for ourselves and for the ones in need. Because we have a voice. YOU have a voice.

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