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"But I Love My Sleep!"

Alright, rocketeers... this post is on a subject that's near and dear to my heart.

Whenever people hear about the polyphasic sleep schedule, they come up with reasons they couldn't do it. I don't know why... It's really awesome and everyone should want to do it. By far the most common excuse is :

"But I love my sleep. I would never want to give it up."


On My Journal

GYRADS (Get Your Roommate A Date).

Oh boy.

Yep, this is coming up, and I have no inkling of anyone that I would be interested in here at school. That's probably because I don't know a whole lot of guys yet, and the guys that I do know are strictly friends.

I would like to get to know some guys. I mean, guys are much different from girls, and sometimes it's like a breath of fresh air to spend time with them. However, I don't want to be pressured (either by myself or by others) into forcing relationships with guys. I think what happens naturally is best.

So I choose to wait.

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