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Yakushima Island Part I

I've always hated anime. I never really gave it much of a chance as it combined two things that I didn't care for: cartoons and words I couldn't understand.

One night I was at my friend Charlie's house, hanging out in the living room. Someone in his family put on Hayao Miyazaki's anime mastepiece, "Spirited Away".

At first I ignored the movie, giving it just a small fraction of my attention. By the time it was over I was totally enthralled. The story was fantastic, the characters were great, but most of all the movie was beautifully drawn.

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On Trying to forget

I am at the point when I can't say anything. It's over, I got it. I made an end to it. I still wonder if it was the right decision.

One thing I know, I don't regret anything. There were times when I said myself that it was a huge mistake and wish I never met you. But it's not true. I am happy that I know you. I enjoyed every single moment I spent with you. How can I regret this? I don't feel guilty any more. Just feel sorry for you that I caused you this. I only remember the good things. Were there any bad things, at all? I guess no.

You are a great person, I know. Just try to pull yourself together. I wish you everything that I could not give you, but I have to make somebody else happy. And I can't afford insecurity. We both know that it would not last forever, but I have no time for playing.

I am so curious what you are doing, what you are thinking, how you are feeling. I wish I knew that.

This is not say goodbye. But it's so damn close to it.

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