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Getting Serious

The great Japanese Train Trip of 2013 is over, and everyone has left Tokyo besides Sebastian and myself. Making up for the week of decreased productivity, we meet in an office in Shibuya every day and work. During meals and in between blocks of time, we talk about life and work and habits.

Getting Serious is an idea that comes up a lot. I mentioned it in my post about turning thirty, but the idea has been clarified through our conversations and I think it warrants another mention.

What is getting serious? It's when you pick something, you make it an overriding first priority, and you give it a long time horizon. Being an overriding first priority means that most of your time goes to this one thing, and that its importance trumps everything else. You start turning down things that you'd like to do, just because it gives you more time for your first priority. Not direct schedule conflicts, just more time.

You have to give your goal a long time horizon, because it takes a long time to do important things. By allocating a few months or even a year to a project, you give yourself an easy out. By saying that you'll do something for a minimum of five years, you give yourself no outs.

The Fleetingness of Motivation


In the comments of "Two Videos on How to Do Time Tracking," I got this question from Rohan -

Hi Seb, i too am doing this kind of life tracking but i am not able to do it consistently, a week or max 10 days n then i leave it for weeks...also i dont feel the same energy, for the task that i marked as 'To Do Tommorrow',as i felt when i wrote it! It happens esp on my off days.Its not that i m not disciplined or lack willpower but still.. i read tons of self help books but the motivation doesn't last long.. what shall i do Also what do u think is the real purpose of our life, i want to live a life like no one ever(just diff, simple and worth a life) but i feel like one among the herd! Same things! why am i born?

Okay, so there's two basic questions here.

1. I start off motivated, but then my motivation/program falls off over time. How do I overcome that?

2. What's the meaning of life?

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