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I Need Your Feedback on Life Nomadic

I'm getting close to having Life Nomadic laid out for print. Before I commit a version of it to something as permanent as paper, I'd like to get your feedback.


I'd love to hear what you think of the book overall, but I'll ask for that feedback in a couple weeks, probably after the print version is out. Until then I want to focus on how I can make it even better.

Apple helps Microsoft: iOS 7 flatters Windows Phone 8

On DROdio

I've always considered Microsoft's WindowsPhone a darkhorse competitor to iOS & Android. Microsoft has boatloads of cash but has never been able to get a meaningful market share in mobile against iOS & Android.

But when I saw the new iOS 7 screenshots on Matt Gemmell's blog, the first thing I thought to myself was "wow, iOS7 looks a lot like WindowsPhone8." So I dug a little deeper. Here's an example:

The new iOS7 as shown on Matt's blog:

Incoming video call on Skype (which MSFT owns) on WindowsPhone:

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