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Throwing Yourself a Softball

I got a present today and it's not even my birthday or Christmas. That present came from myself, and it came in the form of a half written blog post and the title for another one (this post here, in fact).

Since implementing the no computer after 11 rule (which, I'll admit, I'm not totally strict about since adopting the thousand word a day mandate), I've noticed that I leave myself these sorts of presents a lot more often than I used to.

The gift I'm talking about is a productivity softball. Normally when I sit down for my daily thousand, the first fifteen minutes is spent battling the impulse to go see what's new on hackernews, and, once that impulse is controlled, staring off into space trying to decide what to write about today.

Ever been so excited about something that you almost dont want it to even happen because youre terrified it might dissapoint? but at the same time, are too eager and suspicious to find out whether it does live up to its expectation, to wish it away!! Yea?

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