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Everything is Fine. Seriously.

The news is my least favorite reality show. The reporters are condescending, the stories are horribly boring and are often incorrect. Worst of all, the whole thing is just designed to make you worry.

A lot of people love to worry. Some people worry about peak oil. WHO THE HELL CARES? Gas is incredibly cheap. Three dollars a gallon. You can go 30 miles with that if you have a decent car. $3 to go 30 miles. What a deal! I think I've already ranted about this before, so I won't go on about how cheap gas really is.

Global warming is just as bad. What are you going to do about it? NOTHING. If you're a multibillionaire or are an actual global warming researcher, this doesn't apply to you. Everyone else - shut up about global warming. You'll be dead before it has any effect. The fact that people actually concern themselves about this boggles my mind.

Design Process is a Myth

On bentley.

Typically, when a product design falls flat, people want to insert a design process to fix the bad design. However, much like the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant, a one-size-fits-all design process does not exist. Don’t force a process on a design team that everyone must follow. Every designer has their own unique way of solving design problems.

Bad product design is fixed by hiring good designers not by adopting a better design process.

via Design Process is a Myth

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