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We're getting pretty close to being ready to launch SETT to the (unsuspecting) public. Shooting for mid December, but no later than January no matter what.

If you're a blogger, you can do us a HUGE favor by answering this quick one-page survey about blogging.


If you're not a blogger, sorry about the clutter of sending you this post. The picture at the top is a panorama I took on Hua Shan. On the right is the cliff walk.

The middle kingdom

On Travelling light

Today, I attended a talk by Eric X. Li on Chinese political system with my classmate Yang Lin Fu. The talk today in Stanford was very similar to his TED talk you can see here.

An unapologetic supporter of the Chinese communist party, Mr. Li argues that each culture is different, western styled democracy is not an universal panacea and constantly refers to facts demonstrating the superiority of China's single party rule to western democracies.

One could discuss for a long time whether his opinion is correct, but when asked about his views on the evolution of the Chinese society in the coming decade, Mr. Li's response was extremely insightful:

Unfortunately, when asked on the last question what great successes the Chinese society should aspire to in the coming decades, Mr. Li could not muster anything more inspiring than GDP per capita.

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