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The Five Year Battle With a Domain Squatter for Tynan.com

First off, let me say this: BOOM! I got Tynan.com! YES!!

Okay. So back when I was in high school, I had the idea that maybe this internet thing was going to work out, and I might want to own Tynan.com. I put www.networksolutions.com into trusty old Internet Explorer 3.0, searched for tynan.com, saw that the domain was available, and then balked at the $70 price for two years.

I'll just get it later, I thought.

Lessons Learned from Day 4 of Being a Temporary Stay-at-Home Dad

On Military Dad

My wife and daughter have returned from their trip to Arkansas.

Currently, they're both taking naps to try to catch up on the past week of craziness. Little Dude is entertaining himself for the moment, so I wanted to write up the final edition of my temporary SAHD journey. I'm going to forgo the format I used for the first three days (archive: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3), and just focus on the trip as a whole.

I could totally do this full-time if the opportunity presented itself.

I've always told my wife that my dream was for her to make a ton of money, so I could be a stay-at-home dad. I'm normally half jesting about that because I really do think it is something I would enjoy. Obviously, there are a few things in my way, and while one of them is certainly the money aspect, the much bigger factor is that I honestly do enjoy my job. I get to do some amazingly cool things and work alongside some of the greatest folks in the world on the daily basis. That's not something that a lot of people can say, so it's not anything that I take for granted. If things were to change, however, staying home with the kids would definitely be a pretty good gig.

I am, by no means, implying that the job is easy.

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