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The One Month Personal Development Challenge

Ok, so I was just writing about my goals and realized that I wasn't doing nearly enough. So this is going to be my public challenge to myself to see how much I can improve my life in one month. That's all there is to the challenge - no rules, no goals, and no excuses. I have a pretty great life, but I know I can do MUCH better, and I owe it to myself to do so.

I've found that many things I do during the day don't really make a lasting change in my life. But one small thing, like installing the bluetooth car kit in my car, makes it much more convenient for me every time I drive. Going through my bank statement and finding monthly charges I can do away with saves me money for the rest of the year, and calling an old friend that I've lost touch with can bring another positive person into my life.

This month I am going to ask myself whether or not what I'm doing at any moment is contributing to my future. I'll answer myself honestly and adjust accordingly. Little things that will stick with me are valuable too... if I made 30 small improvements that will help me for the rest of my life, I would be thrilled. How can I not find at least one a day?

Being productive.

On Live a teen's life!

As a busy student with almost no free time, there are two kinds of tasks:

The ones you like to do and the ones you hate to do.

Now, there's one thing that makes you struggle. It's evil, it's unrelenting, it's unforgiving. Created by the infinite and allegedly impeccable human mind to "structure and ease life". This execration is called


Let's talk about the tasks you want to do. There are - again - different kinds:

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