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Where the Line Is

On Tynan

When you're doing something hard, the effort curve looks something like a bell curve. At first, as you're dabbling in it, you don't put in much effort. Then it progressively gets harder and harder until you finally reach that peak. That's when you "make it" and things start to get a little easier. But we don't always make it to that peak. Sometimes, often, we give up.

Polyphasic sleep was brutally difficult. I tried three times to get on the schedule. The first two times I gave up on day five because it was just too hard and there was no end in sight. Then Steve Pavlina got on the schedule. He announced that on day six it gets easy. I tried again, and sure enough on day six it got easy. It's not that it took no effort after day six, but when the effort required is less and less each day, it's really easy to persevere When it's harder every day, well, that's a different story.

Pickup was like tights, too. At first it was murderously difficult to get a girl to even talk to me. It was painful and showed no signs of getting easier. I stuck through it somehow, and I still remember the day I realized it had gotten easier. I was talking to a friend and told him that pretty much every girl I talked to those days would be attracted to me in some capacity. It struck me that I could have never said that before, and that I had in fact reached that peak of effort and passed it.

It's like climbing a really densely fogged mountain. You have a rough idea of how far you've come, you can see how difficult the patch you're working on is, but you can only have the vaguest idea of where the top is. Maybe it's a day away, maybe it's a year away.

What I Learned From Living In A Tent For 4 Weeks.

On Greyscale Colors

For the past month, I have been living in a tent on camping Rodero, San Vincente, Spain. I was send over there to teach Belgian kids (aged 14 - 17, who were there on holiday), graffiti.

In this blogpost I will share 4 things that I learned during my stay.

San Vincente is known as a small but decent surfspot. Being the enthusiastic surfer that I am, it didn't take long to say yes when the travelling company called me up, asking if I was interested in teaching some kids graffiti as one of their various activities during the camp. I immediately decided to go for 4 weeks straight. I hadn't been on a decent holiday for over 2 years. (NOTE: I don't think of city trips as a holiday. I have to be active, sport a lot, risk my life in dangerous adventures and get drunk every odd evening and fall in love before I can call it a holiday.)

How To Survive

Living in a tent is never easy. It can be comfortable. It certainly is fun to do. But easy? No. The first thing you're confronted with is the limited space you have. You need to stash your clothes somewhere, place your sleeping bag, hang out wet clothes, find a dry spot for your books and still maintain a sort of 'hallway' where you can walk through / turn around in. (My tent was big enough for me to stand in.)

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