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Failed Celebrity Pickup : Danielle Fishel

On Tynan

Ever since I can remember, I have been a huge fan of Boy Meets World. With no concept of TV guide or schedules, it was a gift from the heavens above when I would turn on the TV and see the familiar cast. For roughly as long as I was a fan of the show, I had a crush on Topanga - known as Danielle Fishel in real life.

I'm hesitant to post detailed "reports" on meeting women here. Maybe because it's too personal, maybe because it's so easy to misinterpet as mechanical, but for whatever reason I don't love the idea. However, this is a funny story that probably won't offend anyone (except one guy who I don't mind offending.)

The 2004 Pickup Artist Convention, which I had organized, was held in Los Angeles, CA. Normally I'm rather lazy about going out and meeting people. I find it very frustrating to find women I'm genuinely interested in, and the allure of talking to women for practice is much less than it was when I first got into the Pickup Artist thing.

Polarities - and other facts of life

On InCourage

When I started writing, my obsession was courage. I had a company (InCourage) that existed to help individuals generate the courage necessary for organizations to be sustainable. I wrote essays about courage in an organizational context that were targeted principally for my clients. I amassed enough of them to assemble them into a book (Our CouerAge). Alas, after 15 years, InCourage died a natural death when it become quite evident that courage was not part of corporate DNA, and individuals within them felt stuck and chose to keep their head down and swallow hard.

That was then this is now. InCourage is being reborn in this blog and I will exploring the tension of "the pilgrim" - wanting nothing more than exploring his/her world: the unfamiliar landscapes; the history we need to learn; the tolerance that comes from learning cultures of other, and "the homebody" - who yearns for everything that represents familiar surroundings they have created, their valued relationships, their community. What is more important to you? It's a trick question.

Often our choices are looked at as either/or decisions – like: either take care of the economy or the environment; be creative but don’t make mistakes; and that tired old chestnut anyone working in a corporation knows all too well, do more with less. It was a profound shift in mindset for me to look at the “polarities” of life as a “both/and” opportunity rather than an “either/or” choice.

Hopefully, after reading a few posts you will find Home and Away is another polarity, and the answer of living a full life is not to lean into one at the expense of the other - but to lean into both.

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