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On Tynan

Today I was talking with my friend, Hayden. One of the things I like about talking with Hayden is that he probably has more insight into my life than I do. He'll often describe something I do or think in a way that I'd never thought about it, which then gives me something to ponder for a few days, weeks, etc.

Ironically, he's also the one who recommended the two books that made me adopt the MaxDiet, even though he doesn't follow it himself.

Today he asked me if I ever feel like crap.

Books I Recommend, Sleep Amounts, Vitamins, Food


Questions from a reader - this one's about sleep amounts, vitamins, and books.

Hi Sebastian,

I'd like to thank you for writing the blog posts on your website. I just found your blog today, but I see a lot of stuff I think I can use on there.

Thanks, that's nice of you to say and glad you reached out.

I have a few questions about some routine-optimization that you've done, if you'd like to help me out:

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