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CruiseSheet Progress

On Tynan

With a little encouragement from friends smarter than me, I've decided to pour some time into CruiseSheet and try to make it into an awesome cruising resource and a real business.

I think that cruises are the best value in travel, bar none, and are seriously underutilized by many people who could easily afford them, backpackers and independent workers especially. Right now all cruise sites are hard to navigate, hard to search, and geared only towards older people. I want to make something that's easy to use, makes it simple to find amazing cruise deals, and appeals to all ages.

If you haven't seen CruiseSheet in a while, a lot has changed. The biggest new feature is an amazing customized newsletter. Put your email and home port in, and you'll get a weekly update on the best deals in your city, your region, and all over the world. (Popup box for the newsletter shows up after 30 seconds)

I get a lot of newsletters, most of which I didn't intend to sign up for, and most of them are an imposition. If you're interested in cruising, this is going to be a newsletter that you look forward to receiving every week. So far we've sent out about 5000, and the response has been very positive.

Rewriting a Job Posting


Zachary Burt dropped me a line a few days ago and asked if I'd look at his posting for a cofounder. I said sure, and we worked on it a little bit.

This is normally the kind of thing I'd keep to private correspondence, but Zack told me to put to put it up if I'd like to. Maybe it's useful to learn from -

Here's the original, unedited version -

Headline: Badass technical business-savvy dude looking for fellow programmer and business partner to hack with all day.


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