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Why I Bought a Bentley and What It's Like

On Tynan

In 2003, Rick Rubin offered me a ride in his Bentley Arnage. I declined because I thought the place we were going was within walking distance, and only after he drove off did I realize that I was thinking of the wrong place and had missed a chance to ride in what I still believe is the most beautiful car ever built.

Ten years later I was reading an article of the top ten most depreciated cars, and the journey from number ten to number one ended in that very car, the Bentley Arnage. Bentleys retail for $250,000 or more, but at the time of the article the Arnage could be had for $30,000. That was still more than I would spend, but it brought the idea to earth at least.

I'm not really a car guy. I have a soft spot for Mercedes, coupes in particular, but I'm mostly interested in getting from point A to point B. I've never financed a car, and when I bought my last car the only three categories I'd consider were Japanese minivan, barest-bones econobox, or 90s era Mercedes. I ended up buying a 1996 Mercedes C220 for $1600 and spending $900 to get a couple problems fixed up. It shifted with a bit of a thud and the AC was cool, but not quite cold. I figured it would last a year or so, but it's still going strong two years later.

A few months ago I decided to see if Bentleys had depreciated further. Sure enough, they had. Some could be had as cheaply as $20k. The Mercedes was still clunking along, but at that price I couldn't help but do a little research. What I found whipped me into a bit of a frenzy.

My First EVE Narrative

On Pod Born

Hi everyone! A while back, I was getting all hot and bothered over the story of B-R5RB and a couple other cool things that had been going down in the big CFC-N3PL war. I was struck by how awesome the narrative was, and some vile tempters on /r/EVE encouraged me to find a buddy to invite me, and now here I am.

On to the story!

I had been peaceably doing career starter missions for a few days when I finally got enough money and skill to pilot and fit a Destroyer. I was ecstatic! I had no idea how big of an upgrade it would be, but nevermind that, a new ship! I chose the Algos because it's cooler looking than the Catalyst.

To actually construct and fit my Algos took probably two and a half hours, not the least bit because I had to go gallivanting across all of Gallente space just to find the right parts and ammunition. After acquiring my set of drones (I chose the medium scout drone, Hammerhead I), I was on my way back to fly military missions in my shiny new ship, the Backward Dragon.

In Algogille, the last system before I made it to my missions, I encountered something new and unfamiliar. A skull icon, just outside the gate! I cancelled autopilot, stopped my ship, and locked on to see what he was and why he was a skull. It was the Notorious Gankster Redd Spade! (Okay, that's embellished a little, I'm not sure he's anyone famous) He appeared to be engaged in combat with some dude whose name I forget (Glennis something?). I locked him as well to see how the battle was going.

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