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The Uncertainty of Life

On Tynan

Steam rises from my little glass teapot. It's the fifth brewing of the Tung Ting Oolong, so it's a little bit weak even though the color is still a clear gold. Employees of the tea shop are in front of me, an older couple across the way, and a single girl behind me. In the other room are more groups. The chatter rises above the music, but I can't understand any of it because it's all in Hungarian.

I'm here by myself. Two friends visited, but one had to go home to London, and the other to a conference in Zürich.

I have a tendency, when traveling alone, to stay holed up in my AirBnb. But after a day of that I wanted to get out. This place is perfect. I can drink my tea, feel like I'm around people, but not be distracted by their conversations.

My favorite game to play by myself is to imagine a kid version of myself could see me now. What would he think? Usually he'd just be surprised, I think. How random is it that I'm sitting in Budapest, by myself, writing? It's not significant in any way, but I wouldn't have guessed it, either.

Pressure: How to Create Urgency

On Ideas

Ever find yourself on the internet refreshing Facebook every 10 minutes? maybe reddit? or your email? In most cases, you know that  nothing life changing is going to happen. Someone is not going to randomly message you on facebook offering a fully payed flight to Tahiti; very rarely is something on reddit going give you the motivation to pursue the life you want, whether that be playing video games all ( like Kripparian ) or travelling the world like the nomadic matt, unless of course your goal in life is to live on reddit, then by all means go ahead. So why does it seem so urgent to refresh that page? and most importantly, how can we apply that to ones goals?

For the most part Facebook and reddit manage to keep you hooked because of their social aspect. Every time you refresh you are looking for social validation, or maybe for that perfect moment to post that perfect comment, or you just might be afraid that if you don't you will be kept out of the loop. Urgency is very high. You want those internet points.

In the real world, some of the best ways to do this are the things I mentioned in my post about pressure. Just as crucial to the success of your goals is not only the social pressure you surround yourself with, but also the perceived importance of your goals. 90% of the time starting and establishing the right mindset is more conducive to reaching your goals than any amount of information.  Here are some crucial aspects of the urgency mindset.

1. You have to believe what you are doing is going to make a big difference in your life. You have to believe being fit WILL change your life. You have to believe learning a language WILL be useful. You have to create this urgency, this sense of importance, in reaching these goals. Sometimes, you might no even know why it will be useful. Maybe you have this vague thought "being fit is healthy" pushing you to take some action, but not enough. If this is so, read 4.

2. You have to take action and surround yourself in situations where being the desired way seem ridiculously important. in the prior post I wrote about how surrounding yourself with people who embody who you want to be is the ultimate cheat code to taking action. But this doesn't always have to be just making friends. Going to Japan and being in an environment where you KNOW learning Japanese will come in handy is bound to create a sense of urgency.

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