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Neetu- Never got off the boat.

On Tynan

I am totally on the boat. I just had a little set back. I did sleep for 5 1/2 hours in one stretch, so I am just starting my count over. Tonight will be night #1 again, for bet purposes. That puts night 14 on November 27th. I can handle that.

Manish: No. You don't have to start over according to me. The cut off on oversleeping should be 4 hours. That is half a night's sleep. I decided to start over, cause I woke up feeling so great and rested. So I knew that I totally fucked up the sleep pattern by over sleeping so much.

Goal 3: Finish a Book Every Two Weeks

On Boredom At Its Worst

At the beginning of summer, my goal was to complete a book every week (actually once it was every 2-3 days). And that was a completely reasonable goal. However, laziness has hit me and over the weekend I also need to be catching up on the extra work I am supposed to be doing. I am working pretty long days, too, and I need some time to bum out.

Also, I switched over from The World is Flat to The Summons by John Grisham. Don't get me wrong, the former is a fantastic book. However, for some reason I am stil much more attracted to books with more of a story, with more a fiction aspect.

I have been slacking off on The Summons but I am definitely finishing by Sunday. I have read very little, but John Grisham is a fantastic storyteller. I don't know exactly what I'll read afterwards but I need to continue reading.

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