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2010 Survey Results

After a long day in the sun at the 2010 Crossfit Games in LA, I've flopped into my Aeron in the RV, which is parked near my old stomping grounds in Hollywood. I found an amazing parking spot right near the Farmer's Market that has no street cleaning and is always empty at night. You'd be surprised how important things like street cleaning become when you live in an RV. Anyway, I don't have enough energy left to pull myself out of my chair, so it's time to tally up the survey results from a couple weeks ago and share what I learned.

Life Nomadic

This one was totally unexpected. Around a third of the people who responded said that they want more Life Nomadic. To be totally honest, I didn't know people were that interested in it. The site, when it was separate, never developed the same sort of following this site has.

The great big unfollow

On minimalift

You know how some people spend a lot of time getting nothing done by surfing Facebook? I don't have that problem, because my news feed contains nothing. I unfollowed everyone, from my best friends to my little sister to my wife. I even tried to unfollow myself but that didn't work. I quite enjoyed it the process, because I got to see posts from people I haven't heard or thought about in a long time. It prompted me to get onto my phone and say hi to some people.

This isn't a passive aggressive attack, or a withdrawal from society. It doesn't impact you in the slightest, and you aren't singled out or unimportant to me! You won't even know unless you read this. I still use Facebook (especially for my business page) so I'm not rejecting that or deactivating my account either. If I want to check in and see how you're doing, I can and will still do that. And if you get a message from me it means I've been thinking about you and I wanted to act on it rather than just saw your post in passing. Likewise, if you send me a message I'm happy to hear from you!

One thing that struck out was how useless the information was. Not useless as in I didn't want to see it, but as in I couldn't act on it or make something great from it. Right now, I need to act in person and make something greater of myself. More than ever. Much more than I need to drop likes and comments on things.

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