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How I Became a Famous Pickup Artist : Part 1

As far as I was concerned, she was perfect. She was at least as smart as I was, was a dancer and had the body to prove it, and had a smile that could disarm the national guard. Let's call her Julie.

So, like an earthworm stalking it's prey, I put my usual game on her. Since my last flowchart was so popular, I've made another one to show you how I dealt with the ladies back then:

Nedless to say, things went slowly. We hung out nearly every day for the last couple months of our Senior year summer vacation. Like many guys, I was totally oblivious to her attraction for me. One morning Julie came over really early while I was still sleeping, and squeezed into my twin bed with me. I woke up, and assumed that she must be tired - it didn't even occur to me that she might like me. Finally on the last week of that vacation she said to me,

The Botched Threesome with Tynan Part 1

On The Constance Chronicles

As you can see from the header on my blog, this is the “Official Tynan Fan Club.” Readers, I know what you are thinking, “Who the hell is Tynan?!” Tynan is a former pick-up artist, now nomad. He is also one of the creators of this blogging platform, SETT. I had the pleasure of being introduced to him about 6 years back when we were dating the same girl, his readers know her as Simone.

About a year after meeting, I had been on Tynan’s blog and read an entry about a threesome and midway through I realized I was Ariel. Tynan had written a blog post titled: Threesome? Part 1 about the intentions behind our meeting. I added him on Facebook, sent him a message acknowledging I had read the post and then didn’t speak for a few years. This may seem as though I was upset, but we just really didn’t have much to talk about beyond the botched threesome and Simone. Anywho, three years ago, I traveled to Japan and mentioned it on a Facebook status update and Tynan responded. He happened to be in Japan at the time and that’s how our friendship rekindled. What you are about to read is my version of what happened that day we met 6 years ago.

I had met Simone at a dinner gathering her sister was having at their home. Immediately, Simone and I hit it off and the night turned into a flirt-fest. It wasn’t long after that Simone and I were seeing each other regularly and I was being introduced to a few of her close friends. She spoke a lot about her “best friend” Tynan. “He is a pick up artist, ya know? He wrote this book and now he lives downtown. Yeah.” That’s how she really speaks, only, run all the words together without taking a breath. One Saturday, she invited me over to Tynan’s penthouse to hang out. I let her know my best friend was coming into town that night from NYC and I needed to fetch him from the airport. She said it was cool, we were just going to lounge around and she really wanted me to meet her “best friend.” See, I didn’t know Simone was Tynan's girlfriend.

When we got to Tynan’s apartment, she knocked on the door and a small waify looking dude with a sequined hat answered. “Hey baby!” She hugged and kissed him and I followed suit, “Hey baby!” I always mocked Simone’s affections towards others because it came off contrived but it was also one of the reasons I liked her and why everyone else did, too. It was immediately awkward. Tynan struggled to make eye contact, I struggled to talk about anything interesting and Simone struggled to make it better. I planted myself on the couch and looked around as Tynan clicked away on his computer. I thought maybe he was just working because the apartment was located downtown and was gigantic, the money had to be coming from somewhere. So, I continued to sit in silence.

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