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Florida Auto Brokers is Dishonest

EDIT 9/7/2011: The owner of Florida Auto Brokers has paid the amount owed in full. In return, I am removing his name and his salesman's last name.

Hey guys. I don't think this post will interest too many frequent readers, but I'm sharing it because I'm ranked very highly in search engines and I'd like to warn future prospective clients of Florida Auto Brokers so that they don't get scammed.

On July 7 of 2008 I saw an online auction by Florida Auto Brokers for a 1996 Rialta Motorhome. I was looking for an RV to bring back to Austin, so I sent them an e-mail. Nick, the salesman, replied.

Yay new home

On The Tiny Octopus

I've always been a fan of procedurally generated stuff. When I signed up to get my SETT blog up today it came in with the default name of 'The Tiny Octopus'. It really spoke to me so it will remain for now. I can always change it again later and I like improvising stuff. Time for a quintessential 90's web construction link.

Update 4/22/13 - Took responsibility for my older posts from Tynan.com and sucked them into my domain. Will be swallowing my older content from the other 2 blogs I've had as well and maybe even some surprise stuff from before that in the future.

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