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The Yoga Disaster

One of the great things about being polyphasic is that my friends are on awful sleep schedules. Some of them stay up until 7am, others wake up at 7am, so at any given time there's a good chance that I have awake friends.

This morning at 7am Hayden calls and asks if I want to do yoga with him. Of course I do. This is the hot yoga, "Bikram", which literally translated means "the most severe torture known to man that somehow hotties can handle".

I hop in my car and head to his place. Hmm. The ride seems a little rough. Not to get too sidetracked, but I thought it would be really cool if I bought 19" rims instead of the stock 16" rims. It looks fantastic, but these stupid wheels have given me nothing but trouble. Literally every single one has gone flat, they have damaged my brakes, etc.

Math, math, math!

On The College Life of Sala Geek

Today I got up at 6:30, an hour earlier then usual due to a lack of transportation at the moment. I needed a way to get to school by 9. Luckily the earliest time I can get to school taking the city bus is around 8:30. I went into the Student Success Center til math class across the hall started for me. While waiting for math I got my first engagement of the day, mind you I only need 1 engagement a week (unless you want to consider the mandatory attendance "engagement"). Went to class and got my second engagement. In class of course we work on math. We work at our own pace so it's a very interesting class, After 8:50 came around I left and head to Intro to Psych, this is where my day got interesting, very fast.

I walk into the room and I pause, I look at my friend as he looks back at me with a smirk on his face, I look at the teacher with a puzzled look on my face. I walked in and sat down at the first open seat next to my friend. The room was setup so we could have two large teams separated. We played a trivia game we were supposed to play Friday, but due to the snow storm we likely won't have school that day.

After playing trivia we got out of class around normal time, I traveled over to my next class, which I dread so much. You guessed it Oral Communications, I was prepared to speak in front of the class about my up coming speech, but instead we sat there and listened to our teacher talk about what I had spent my morning on the bus reading, communicating with people from other cultures. This teachers likes to stand there and talk, and talk, and talk. Finally that class was over with and I could move on with my life. I went to the Success Center to just drop my stuff off and go eat lunch. I came back, socialized til 1 when I had a meeting with a staff member I have to meet with every week, and got my third engagement that is semi-mandatory.

After this I sat and finished my test in math I never completed and then completed my forth engagement of the day with one of the mentors in my class. I sat there and did math till about 4 then left to inform my teacher I needed to leave class early to catch the bus. We weren't doing much so she was alright with that since I'm doing very well in this class. I quickly rushed out of the class after I finished the last of the work she wanted us to do before we left and possibly don't come back till after vacation and got my homework. Nothing exciting happened from here other then I been here writing blog post since then and preparing for the worst tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone and be safe.

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